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Title: 15 JG 52 meetings
Post by: wespen on October 05, 2014, 02:27:26 pm
Pictures from some of our meetings

Discussing OKL superiority and that Russian planes should be much faster, tougher and more maneuverable to make them a little more competent..

Hm... well.. ahmem.. Me (Genie) on the left, Beks on the right.. discussing.. hm ..well.. ahm.. about is it better to drink one drink and go home.. or drink two drinks and stay.. for.. another.. and another ..and ano......

..no.. really... NO COMMENT.

One of our founders (Wespen too). You can imagine the rest.

Main battle group in Austria - Air Power 2003. Yup! Thoose are t-shirts with our squadron logo!!!!!

You DON'T want to find yourself taxiing on the runway when this mad-as-it-can-be fell'a (Zux is his name - be afraid.. be VERY afraid..) come by in his adored Stuka.
Title: Re: 15 JG 52 meetings
Post by: 15jg52zux on February 16, 2015, 06:18:38 pm
oooo jebot koliko nisam ove slike vidio, divota